Project Description:


We picked up this tree altar from the Wainright House in Rye, NY. The Wainrights were direct descendants of New York Governor, Peter Stuyvesant and one of Rye’s most influential families. The house was completed in 1931. It was dedicated for use as a spiritual center in 1951.

The Wainright House is a non-governmental organization of the United Nations. It serves as a non-profit, non-sectarian holistic learning center. It is also used for events, meetings, and rental by non-profit and civic organizations.

The Agba Tree Altar sits at the front entrance of the Wainright House. The tree is from French Equatorial Africa and is three hundred years old. It was formerly in the United Nations Meditation Room. Dag Hammarskjold (Swedish diplomat and second Secretary General of the United Nations) presented the tree to the Wainright House on May 3, 1957.

It was a honor to pick up this tree altar, deliver it to the Wood Den in Stamford, CT, and return it to the Wainright House. The Wood Den (203) 324-6957 did a beautiful restoration job.