Project Description:


Dennis Purdy, Owner of Capital Building & Development, Inc. in Rye, NY cleaned out his storage space by himself! He stacked and organized the mountain you see in the pictures. Then, he drove to Danbury and cleaned out another storage space with one of his workers. He said he was tired of spending a fortune each month for storage.

So, he called us to move that mountain of stuff! We took all of the boxes of paper work to a mobile shred station. We took the salvageable electronics and furniture to a donation center. And, we took the few pieces that were left to the dump.

Dennis did not have to stay and monitor us. He was able to spend his time on another project. We also drove to his office in Rye, NY to pick up payment for this job. His office in Rye is about three minutes from Westy Storage in Port Chester, NY.

We are part of Westy Storage Concierge Service. They screen (interview, review insurance – auto and liability, review organizational documents, evaluate experience) and refer services like ANYTHING DeLiVeRy & REMOVAL to existing and prospective customers. They have storage centers throughout CT, NJ, and NY. And, we service all of their CT and NY locations.